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ROM Machine 360 4 Minute Exercise Range of Motion - USED


  • $5,699.00

ROM 360 4 Minute Quick Gym Time Machine with Optional Ultra O2™ Oxygen System - USED

Delivery: allow 7-10 business days. 
Location: UT
free within the contiguous 48 states

What's the EWOT Ultra O2™?
The EWOT O2 is an optional EverFlo oxygen generator. While breathing O2 during a workout you'll have more energy and stamina to accomplish your training. Burn more fat and calories IN THE SAME TIME FRAME! 

Want even more power, energy and stamina during your workout? Add the Max02 EWOT System

About this Used ROM:
One of our nicest ROMs yet!!! Approx 8 years old. High serial number. LOW USAGE! Excellent condition. No dents, rust or mechanical problems. Includes power cord and floor mat. Delivered fully assembled on a pallet to your 
curb. Inside delivery optional at a fee.  Actual photo shown above at far right. 

Product Specs

Area required to use the ROM in home, office or elsewhere:
5 x 11 feet (152cm x 325cm).
Minimum side distance from a wall is 14" (35cm). Included in the 5 x 11 feet space.
Minimum area behind the ROM 16" (40cm). Included in the 5 x 11 feet space. 

Actual footprint is smaller when ROM is not in use:
32"x 115" with the arms extended forward (most desirable when ROM is not in use)
32"x 91" with the arms folded back against the seat 

Highest point of the ROM:
Seat back height is 56" (140 cm). 

Ceiling height should be 8ft (240cm) but the ROM can still be used with full benefits with 7ft (210cm) ceiling height by 6ft-4in (190cm) tall people.
Weight of machine is 405 Pounds. (184 KG). 
Warranty: 90 days parts & labor (wear parts only)


Used ROM 360 4 Minute Quick Gym Time Machine with Ultra O2™ 

ROM 360 Quick Gym 4 Minute Time Machine

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