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EWOT Exercise with oxygen therapyThe Solution has been under our nose oxygen

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Exercise With Oxygen Mask

ewot benefits

*Applies to generator supply lines.  

EWOT (pronounced E Watt) means Exercise With Oxygen Therapy. We founded in 2008 and were the very first company online to offer EWOT products. We developed the first open flow OxySport Headset which connected directly to the O2 generator. We were also the first company to combine EWOT with whole body vibration systems (specifically the TurboSonic and now the Sonic Life brand) which took EWOT results to another level.  Over the years and with the publication of scientific works by Dr. Manfred von Ardenne, M.D. (of the Manfred Von Ardenne Research Institute in Dresden, Germany), new EWOT equipment became available. The foundation of all EWOT protocols was developed by Manfred in the late 60s. With over 500 references published in Oxygen Multistep Therapy, Physiological and Technical Foundations, this book lays out the framework for what is now considered the Bible of EWOT. His research revealed astonishing results and proven mechanisms for restoring microcirculation (which makes up 76% of the circulatory system) and optimizing energy production (ATP). To date, nothing in complementary Medicine compares to the domino effect body wide for restoring human health and in fact, to potentially offer superhuman benefits. There are many EWOT systems on the market. EWOT is not a product, it’s an acronym. If you want superior equipment for doing EWOT, Maxx O2 stands above them all. 


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