About Us

EWOT.com is a subsidiary of OC Fitness Source, Inc.
We are a Woman Owned Business.

EWOT.com was launched in 2009. Our research on Exercise With Oxygen Therapy continues each day to provide the most up to date information on effective EWOT to all types of users. 


Sandra Tinnesen

Sandra Tinnesen, CEO

Sandra has over 28 years of experience in the “Accounting World.”   

In 2002 she started working in the Credit Department at the Headquarters of Oakley Inc. in Foothill Ranch, CA. By 2004 she ended up leaving Oakley and took a risk on relaunching a business and became the CFO of a company that manufactured a product in the baby & child industry, and she named it Savi Baby, LLC. 

Another opportunity came up in 2005, and that’s when OC Fitness Source, Inc/EWOT, was launched!  Sandra ran Savi Baby and OC Fitness Source/EWOT between 2005-2019. 

At the beginning of 2020, she decided it was time to close down Savi Baby and focus on OC Fitness Source/EWOT.  After all, she’s very passionate about Health and Wellness.  Sandra made a promise to her mother right before her mother passed away in 2010 from pancreatic cancer that she would dedicate her life learning and sharing anything and everything she knows about Health & Wellness.  One of her hobbies is baking and cooking Keto recipes! 

Sandra lives in Orange County, CA.


 Juan Arnold

Juan Arnold

Juan's passion for Health and Wellness started back in 2017 when he was diagnosed with arthritis on his right knee and osteochondritis dissecans on his left knee. He was suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  At that point, he knew he had to make a lifestyle change to improve his health.  That's when his Biohacking journey began!

He met Sandra (CEO of EWOT.com)  at a Biohacking conference in 2019.  They're both determined to learn and study the most cutting edge Biohacking techniques.  Since then, they have stayed connected and formed a friendship.  They share the same belief of living a purpose fulfilled life, helping and sharing what they know to others interested in living life to their fullest potential.
Juan enjoys baseball and volleyball; he started playing sports at the age of 4.  His love for sports led him to become a coach on his spare time.  He currently plays volleyball at the beach. Positive vibes is what you'll experience from him if you ever get a chance to speak or meet him.   



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