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EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) is spreading like wildfire. Gyms and personal training studios are adding this unique and powerful tool to offer clients that distinct edge for peak performance and super immunity. EWOT is equipment that allows one to exercise while breathing oxygen. A typical package consists of a piece of exercise equipment, an oxygen concentrator and a oxygen mask or nasal cannula. EWOT is NOT about how the flow rate, mask used or what exercise equipment you use. Any form of exercise while breathing supplemental oxygen is called EWOT.  You clients should perform this a min. of 3 times a week for 15 min. max. 

EWOT offers the highest flow and delivery of oxygen available. A typical package consists of 1 EWOT System, an oxygen concentrator and exercise equipment. Instead of breathing oxygen directly from a 5, 6 or 10 LPM oxygen concentrator, you now breathe from the EWOT bag that holds 900 Liters of oxygen and uses a high-flow mask that offers unlimited flow of O2. 

What should you charge your clients?
We have seen 1 EWOT session run from $30-49 per session and packages of 10 sessions sell for $300 on average. Due to the extremely effective benefits that can be seen in 1 session, many athletes will load up 1-2 weeks before an event. Individuals with compromised immunity will benefit from usage of only 2-3 times a week to restore health. 

Income  - Earn up to $208,000 yearly with 1 EWOT station!
Each EWO station can serve 2 customers per hour at an average rate of $30-50 per session. If this station is at half that capacity 5 days a week, your potential income is $62,400-$104,000 yearly. That's 1 person per hour.

Double these number if your station can serve two clients per hour.  Note: you will require two 10 LPM oxygen concentrators to refill bag in 45 min or keep them running during the EWOT session. This allows you to serve the next client in less than 20 min. Each session is 15 min. max. 

We drive clients to you! As one of the top ranking sites on EWOT searches our EWOT Locator will expose your business and drive new clients to you. When you buy an EWOT system as a commercial location, you're added to our locator page after setup of your system is complete. 

Qualifications: must be a commercial location offering the EWOT system. We will require a photograph of the system being used. 

Cost: FREE