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EWOT Maxx O2 vs. LiveO2® - Compare side by side before you buy.

What makes us the best choice? Watch video below. 

NOTE: video comparison does not show the ALL NEW Maxx O2 EWOT Mask ($300 value), Heart Rate Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Hose Guide Strap, silicone oxygen delivery hoses & ozone mask cleaner.  Warranty on oxygen bag & generator now 3 years. 

Note: this comparison chart below is a factual comparison of our competitor, Liveo2 and does not imply results achieved with either system. This is impossible to determine and no studies have been done between the two systems. We compare features and specs. Any comparisons by the competitors other than physical, empirical facts are purely opinion and speculation with zero evidence to support the claims. Request human clinical or case studies from anyone claiming otherwise. 

Features Maxx O2®  Basic LiveO2®
Outflow Pressure Patent pending Automatic Positive Pressure System (APPS). Ultra-low .092 LPM max. You do not feel this nor is it pressurizing the mask. It simply delivers O2 to the mask making it available the moment you inhale, vs pulling O2 from the hose each time. Just like in nature. O2 is at your disposal at all times, not forced into the mask. Simulates normal respiration. If you wish to turn this off, remove the two braces.

all bags have weight to them and will naturally force the air out of the bag. 
Adjustable Flow
Yes. Use 1 or 2 horizontal braces to adjust flow rate. Remove ribs to minimize outflow. Note: flow is under the requirements preventing this from being a medical device. 

Note: all bags have weight to them and will naturally force the air out of the bag. 
Oxygen Delivery Hoses (from O2 generator to bag)  Medical grade, odorless 100% silicone. No outgassing. O2 flows through these tubes slowly and is where odor and outgassing occurs in non-silicone tubes.  Silicone
Upgradable to Altitude Yes. You can add our Altitude generator any time. If you think you may upgrade later, add the Maxx o2 Basic to the cart then add the Altitude Tech Generator to cart. Then you will have the upgrade path in the future and will simply need to order the small bag, switch and hoses.  No
Adjustable Altitude Purity (on Maxx O2 Altitude package) Yes. The range is from 13% to 21% for those who may want to start off at a lower altitude and work out to a lower purity.

NOTE: This is a true altitude training system for novice to professionals. It is possible to enable the lower purities (sub 13%), however, by default the low oxygen valve is disabled. Your oxygen purity for altitude use will NOT go below 13% without purposely & properly activating the valve. This cannot be done accidentally and the installation videos & instructions covers these details. 
Construction Radio Frequency welded seams (air-tight) with breather port. Medical grade FDA compliant for oxygen, blood and food. Zero VOC outgassing. MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) available on all materials upon request.  Sewn seams. Leaks oxygen
VOC outgassing = 1ppm (as per their own comparison chart). 
Bag Overflow Protection Built-in relief valve None
Colors Black White
Pulse Oximeter
Yes Yes
Mask Type Highest-flow mask on the market with optional less expensive mask used by competitor. Medical grade silicone. Hypoxico (50% reduced flow rate- harder to breathe from) or Premium mask (optional $240 cost). Same mask we originally used.
Mask Size X - Small, Small, Medium (for superior fit) One size fits all (unless you purchase optional premium mask). 
Mask Cleaning System Yes. Ozone system. Cleans all masks in 4 min. Added sanitization feature. No different than the 3 top CPAP hose cleaning machines. No ozone is ever inhaled after cleaned and is a worldwide accepted protocol for cleaning CPAP masks and hoses. Review here

Oxygen Hose Strap Yes (two-way rotating Velcro) which positions flopping hose in a fixed place, but allows hose to move feeling during movement).  No
Stands Yes (portable and adjustable) No (optional) $75
Connectivity for multiple oxygen generators Yes. Optional multi-port connector available. Connect up to 4 generators at the same time to fill the bag in 10-22 min! No.
Warranty 3 years 3 years

Basic with no Generator $1495 (but includes high-flow mask & stands)

Basic with 5LPM Generator
: $2090 (with bag stands and high-flow mask standard)

Basic with 10LPM Airsep Newlife Generator: $2790 (with stands, Medical Grade mask, O2 hose guide, pulse oximeter).

Basic with 10 LPM Oxygen Tech Generator
: $3090 (with stands, Medical Grade mask, HEPA filters, O2 hose guide, pulse oximeter).

Live O2® with no Generator: $895 (includes their stand and Super mask).  May be incorrect. They keep lowering their price...

Live O2®
 with 5LPM Generator: $1795 (with 5LPM refurbished o2 generator, their optional stand and Super mask - comparable package). This may be incorrect. They keep lowering their price... 

Live O2® with 10LPM Generator$2695 (with optional stand & super mask)

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