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Versaclimber HP Sport, LX, SM & CLUB vs Cascade Climber

Compare Versaclimber Sport LX, LXP,  SM, CLUB to the Cascade Climber

Cascade VS Versaclimber Review summary:
If you're looking at the Versaclimber home model or sport, you will need to strongly consider that Versaclimber uses an outdated, hydraulic resistance system on their commercial unit and no resistance on the home unit. The commercial units have no indicator or number on the dial to help multiple users remember which resistance levels they were using previously. The Cascade Climber uses ultra-smooth magnetic resistance and the dial clearly displays 1-16 levels. The way it should. 

The home and commercial models of the Versaclimber force you to "upgrade" if you desire heart rate versions which display your heart rate. All included with the Cascade and the wireless chest strap is free. 

The Cascade drive system is belt driven. Not chain. All top spin bike manufacturers for the club industry use belt drive and magnetic resistance for optimal longevity and silky smooth operation. Chains requiring lubrication collect dirt and become noisy. Magnetic resistance and belt drive are maintenance free components. 

Cascade's warranty is lifetime vs Versaclimber's 3 years on the frame. Parts is 5 years vs 1-3 on their component list and labor is 1 year. You need to ship Versaclimber back for repairs. Cascade comes to you. See details below for Versaclimber's warranty vs Cascade's.  

Priced at $2995, you get all the features of the Versaclimber LXP for $1300 less. So, if you're considering the home unit or the commercial versions, the Cascade offers a superior alternative to any climber on the market. 

Cascade Climber $2995. Click to learn more
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