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Schwinn MPower Echelon2 With Power Upgrade

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Schwinn MPower Echelon2 With Power Upgrade Kit - Model #740-8941


 This is the main Mpower Echelon2 with the watts/power upgrade. Fully loaded. 
Compatibilty: Schwinn AC & Plus Group Cycles

At Schwinn®, we’re committed to designing bikes that deliver both an authentic experience to riders and lasting value to gym and studio owners. It’s a dedication that drove us to developing the most feature-rich console in the industry today. With measurement being an added tool continually gaining momentum in cycling rooms, our new MPower™ Echelon2 Console gives motivating rider feedback which changes the way members ride and how classes are coached, ultimately enhancing the member experience. The MPower™ Echelon2 Console is our smartest design yet – and an even smarter choice for your gym.


The console, combined with the Watts Upgrade, offers a number of enhancements, making it a valuable and reliable tool in all types of cycling facilities.

User Metrics – Watts, Time, Kcal, Cadence (RPM), Distance, and Telemetry Heart Rate are all measured.


Data Capture – Two ways to memorialize workout data: USB Memory Stick and ANT+ Wireless Devices.


Stage & Totals – Stage measurements can be reset during a ride, making it easy to track multiple in-class segments for time, distance and AVG/MAX power. Totals track the same measurements for the course of the entire ride.


Functionality – Push-button start-up and AVG/MAX values are accessible anytime during the ride with a separate, dedicated button.


Serviceability – A plug-and-play design allows for simplified installation, and the batteries are housed in a single location.


Schwinn MPower Echelon2 With Power