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Salter Labs PRO2 Check Ultrasonic Oxygen Indicator Analyzer - EWOT

Salter Labs PRO2 Check Ultrasonic Oxygen Indicator Analyzer


  • $499.00

Salter Labs Pro2 Check Ultrasonic Oxygen Indicator / Analyzer

Delivery time: allow 5-7 business days. Ships from CA. May be sooner the closer you are to CA. 

Quickly and accurately determines percentage of oxygen

No expensive fuel cells to replace

No need for time consuming, routine calibration

Easy set up, use, and maintenance





Accurately measures oxygen concentration from concentrators

Allows providers to quickly & easily determine if units are delivering optimal O2 concentrations

Uses microprocessor controlled ultrasound technology to indicate oxygen concentration

Highly accurate measurements with no maintenance costs

No expensive galvanic fuel cells to replace

Economical to own, costs virtually nothing to operate

No need for routine calibrations

Saves time and money

Maintains calibration with altitude and temperature variations

No need to recalibrate for minimal temperature or altitude changes

Calibration can be quickly & easily verified with one button

Allows providers to conform to calibration requirements of accreditation bodies (if required), or any internal corporate operating policies and procedures

Operates with standard 9 volt alkaline battery

Readily available battery can be easily changed without tools

Connects to EWOT concentrator with simple oxygen supply tubing, plus has large digital display

Saves time; easy to use and read in the field

Attractive carrying case included with unit

Convenient to clip on belt or use with shoulder strap and protects ruggedly designed instrument



Salter PRO2 Check Ultrasonic Oxygen Indicator

Inspired by the oxygen measurement system found inside many oxygen concentrators, the PRO2 Check® ultrasonic oxygen indicator is a breakthrough product that uses microprocessor controlled enhancements of a proven technology to indicate oxygen concentration. The PRO2 Check® uses ultrasound technology which accurately measures the speed of sound through various gases. This new method of indicating gas concentration offers many superior benefits over the more familiar analyzers powered by galvanic fuel cells. It comes in a carrying case with a clear plastic face to protect from sick room spills. The switches are a new membrane style, which are a low profile design with no sharp edges to get caught or inadvertently triggered. The case also has a handy clip to attach to your belt or lab coat pocket and an adjustable carrying strap if you prefer putting it over-the-shoulder. The battery is pre-installed and the PRO2 Check® is ready to go right out of the box! 


The unit has a 2-year warranty.

 *Since the PRO2 Check® device is completely electronic and does not have the same characteristics as a unit with a fuel cell, there is no recommended calibration schedule.


Specifications of Salter PRO2 Check Ultrasonic Oxygen Indicator


Display Range: 0% to 100% O2

Display Resolution:  0.1% O2 increments 

Measured O2 range:  20.75 to 100% 

Accuracy:  +/- 2% of full scale 

Linearity:  +/- 2% of full scale 

Response Time:  10 seconds 

Warm up Time:  None required 

Operating Temperature:  32º to 105º F (0º to 40º C) 

Storage Temperature:  -29º to 160º F (-34º to 71º C) 

Power Requirements:  One 9-volt battery 

Calibration Requirements:  None 

Sensor:  None 

Dimensions:  3.6?w x 5.75?h x 1.29?d  (9.1cmW x 14.6cmH x 3.3cmD) 

Weight: 9 oz (255.15 grams) 

Warranty:  2 years 

Salter Labs Pro2 Check Ultrasonic Oxygen Indicator / Analyzer

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