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QuintEssential .9 Optimum Mineralization Isotonic

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QuintEssential 3.3 Optimum Mineralization AKA Quinton Isotonic

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Box contains 30 glass vials.

What's the difference between QuintEssential .09 and 3.3?

3.3 is for every day use when you are considered healthy. 0.9 is the Bioterrain Restore product those with delicate or compromised health.

QuintEssential 0.9 is one of the greatest nutritional discoveries in history, made more than a century ago by renowned biologist René Quinton. It is the only raw, unheated, naturally balanced mineral and trace element product specifically created to nutritionally replenish our biological terrain (Bioterrain).


Modern physiologist regard our Bioterrain as the body's master operating system. This amazing complex network of fluids emerged over billions of years of life's evolution in primordial seawater. Through the abuses of modern diet, lifestyle and disharmony our Bioterrain becomes imbalanced and corrupted. QuintEssential 0.9 restores our Bioterrain to its vital ocean identity and in doing so, supports:


Cellular Nutrition

Genetic Nutrition

Natural Rehydration

Immune Support

Instestinal Wellness


Human physiology is the result of more than three billion years of evolution in the ocean-an intricately balanced "soup" of water containing all the known natural minerals and trace elements. In 1897, the renowned scientist René Quinton proved this composition to be the single most profound influence on the structure and function of all life-forms. Is it any wonder why optimum mineralizations is the foundation of optimum health?

Unfortunately, depleted soil and modern foods fail to supply our mineral needs and resulting deficiencies can rob us of precious well-being and energy. Processed mineral supplements simply lack the vital subtle factors of Nature's laboratory. QuintEssential 3.3 is harvested from living ocean oasis, naturally raw and never heated - like the best fresh-pressed juice! As the most complete and balanced mineralization Nature has to offer, QuintEssential 3.3 should be an essential part of your daily nutritional program.

Daily mineralization: Energy Enhancement - Mental Alertness - pH Balance
Bone Mineralization: Sports Performance & Recovery - Revitalize Drinking Water