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OxySulfur MSM - Crystal organic Super Sulfur by Mr. Oxygen

OxySulfur MSM - Crystal organic Super Sulfur by Mr. Oxygen

Mr. Oxygen

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OxySulfur MSM by Mr. Oxygen 

The Highest Potency Real 100% Pine Tree Lignin Sourced Organic Sulfur Food Available On Our Planet!

One of the best, least expensive and most effective oxy-products. This is NOT a supplement, but a needed FOOD required to build cells and transport oxygen. This Sulfur food is used by our bodies to determine cell wall permeability and oxygen transport into our cells and no one has enough in our opinion - since it has been missing from our food due to mandated artificial fertilizer use since 1954. Generations of us without enough of the 3rd most abundant element in our body. 

Only Mr. Oxygen Super Organic OxySulfur comes from DMSO of 100% pine tree Lignin, is processed to RETAIN the maximum crystaline matrix Life Force and guaranteed NOT to have any added uptake blocking fillers, additives, or processing or encapsulating machine packaging ease-of-flow agents.

30 days supply

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