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LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine


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LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine for sale with Ultra O2™ Option

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What's the EWOT Ultra O2™?
The Ultra O2™ is a refurbished EverFlo oxygen generator. While breathing O2 during a workout you'll have more energy and stamina to accomplish your training. You will burn more fat and calories in less time. This package is valued at $500 and discounted $60 when you add during purchase. Nasal cannula & air humidifier water bottle included. No oxygen tanks required. 

add the Ultra O2 Gold™ Supplements to boost oxygen uptake, absorption and energy! Click here to view


DESCRIPTION of Lifespan RW1000 Rower

Beneath the smooth, gliding action of the RW1000 folding rowing machine reside explosive fitness capabilities. Dramatically enhance your cardiovascular health, gain lean muscle, and lose weight with dynamic, impact-free rowing motion. An intuitive console makes getting started easy, and padded hand grips, a comfortable 14” injected-foam seat, and large swivel foot pedals help you go the distance.


SPECIFICATIONS for LifeSpan RW1000 Rowing Machine


Folded: 34" L x 19" W x 64" H

Unfolded: 90" L x 18.5" W x 23" H

Monorail Length

53" Fitting Inseams Up to 38"


Large, Ergonomical Design With Injected Foam Seat


Lifespan RW1000 Rowing Machine for sale EWOT

LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine for sale

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