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Ioncare Ozone EWOT Mask Cleaner


  • $69.95

The power of the ION is here to save the day. Great for sanitizing any small items. throw it in the OZONE SANITIZER and in only 5 minutes it's safe to use again
Eradicating bacteria and germs breeding on personal accessories such as paper currency and coins, cell phones, toothbrushes, baby bottles, rattles, pacifiers, COPD masks, EWOT oxygen masks. ear buds, hearing aids, and more.
Deodorizes stale and foul odors rapidly. Also ideal for the kitchen to be used to sanitize sponges and dish clothes, as well as neutralize odors.
Featuring only 5-minute sanitizing cycle and auto shut off. High efficiency and energy-saving.
Battery operated (6 AA, not included) and AC-DC adaptor (included!) Sealed cover design, safe and efficient.
Uses no harmful chemical or cover-up spray and leaves no residuals
The test report from SGS shows it can eliminate over 99% Escherichia coli & Pseudomonas aeruginous
Germs can be passed on toys, especially moist soft toys, where a wet environment is the perfect breeding ground for germs.
Help stop the spread of germs on toys, pacifiers, bottles. nipples and other small baby items It sanitizes hard and soft toys, pacifiers and bottles nipples in minutes and automatically shuts off when cycle is complete.
It won't shrink or fade colorful fabrics or melt plastic or rubber items.
It is an easy and convenient way to sanitize breast pump attachments. Use it in the home or daycare Perfect for new moms.
Great gift. IONCARE SANITIZER KILLS GERMS THAT CAUSE: - RSV - Colds and flu (influenza & coronaviruses) Pneumonia (pneumococcus) - Ear aches (Haemophilus influenza) Diarrhea (e.coli & salmonella)
Inside is kidney shaped 7" long at longest, 3.5" wide at widest, 4.25" at deepest. Shipping weight 3 pounds Exterior dimension (at maximum points) 8.75" wide 6.5" deep and 5" Tall Item weight 1.25 pounds

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