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Cellerciser Tri-Fold with Balance Bar Trampoline EWOT Package


  • $1,244.00

Cellerciser Tri-Fold with Balance Bar Rebounder EWOT Package 

EWOT Package! What's it all about?
This package contains EVERYTHING you need to begin EFFECTIVE EWOT for under $999. The famous Cellerciser (the exercise component), EverFlo Oxygen Generator, nasal cannulas to deliver oxygen, Quintessential mineral to separate all your blood cells so they are ready to absorb oxygen and Marine Phytoplankton (#1 ranking super food) for energy and much much more.  Click below on each of the package contents to learn more. 


Total package value: $1448.00
You save $204


Cellerciser Includes:

  • Tri-Fold Cellerciser
  • Carrying case
  • Intro kit which contains: The Ultimate Exercise User Guide, DVD: Don’t Exercise…Cellercise, DVD: Cellercise: The Ultimate Exercise.

Weight: 28 lbs


The Cellerciser uses the best-quality materials on the market for top safety and longevity. It’s an investment you’ll only need to make once!

Triple-Tiered, Tri-Flex Springs

Most rebounders on the market use small tube or taper springs. These springs stretch very little, and place the user’s weight at the spring’s edge, causing abrupt jarring to the joints, and potential nerve damage, knee injuries and back pain. Rebounders with bungee cords or rubber bands stretch out during use, resulting in a lack of joint support, pronation of the feet, and ankle and knee problems.

The Cellerciser is not only the best rebounder on the market, but it’s the only rebounder with double-patented, triple-tiered springs that allow the body to accelerate and decelerate smoothly as weight is absorbed and gradually dispersed through the springs’ tapered ends. The result is the safest, smoothest bounce possible. Each spring is constructed from high-performance, hi-carbon steel for long-lasting performance.

The Cellerciser’s springs self-adjust to the weight and jump height of any individual (warranted up to 300 lbs). Every member of your family can use the same Cellerciser, and you won’t have to switch out springs or purchase multiple bungee cords for different members of the family, as with other brands.


Unparalleled Mat

Although they may look the same, all mats are not created equal. Typical rebounders use canvas, nylon or plastic mats that can decay, rot, and mildew over time. The Cellerciser’s mat is UV and water-resistant, so you can leave it outside in the rain, snow or wind. (Founder David Hall has stored one of his personal Cellercisers outside for over a decade!)

Poor mat materials and stitching in other rebounders can cause the user’s feet to sink or pronate, leading to ankle, knee, and lower back problems. Each polypropylene fiber in a Cellerciser mat is put under nearly 200 tons of pressure, and undergoes a 200 degree oil drum bath for maximum strength. The fibers are stitched together using the same thread material as seat belts for optimal streangth and stability.

The Cellerciser mat lifts the body straight up during each bounce, never stretches, and provides ultimate support for injury-free use.


Electroplated, All-Steel Frame

Plastic composite frames can crack and wear out over time. The Cellerciser’s all-steel construction frame and hinges provide superior strength and life-long durability. Because each spring is attached to all-steel pins, the frame will not wear away with use.


Most-Trusted Model

Long dubbed the “Cadillac of rebounders,” the Cellerciser has been the trusted rebounder of choice for over 20 years.

An ever-growing number of medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, Yoga, Tai Chi masters and health practitioners recommend the Cellerciser to their clients.

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