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Versaclimber vs. Power Tower V1 - There is no comparison.

It's hard to compare this to anything... really. 


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We have sold the Versaclimber for over 15 years. No longer. Many of our customers have increasing demands as technology evolves. Versaclimer has been unable to meet these demands. They have not changed their product design, features and function since their inception. 

The Power Tower incorporates many other modalities (ways to exercise) than just "climbing." Why have all that money and space occupy your home or gym only to offer one movement? Today's technology delivers multi-purpose driven fitness equipment to offer a wider range of exercises. Power Towner not only delivers on that need, but the quality is unsurpassed.

Quick Facts:
Weight comparison: Versaclimber Home Model weights 65 lbs 
Versaclimber LX is 150 lbs.  Power Tower is 265 lbs!

Weight Capacity:
Versaclimers LX holds 350 lbs. Home unit holds 400lbs. 

Footprint: PowerTower takes up 10% less space than the Versaclimber LX. 

Foot pedal/handles: Versaclimbers handles and food pedals cannot be adjusted or placed at base of tower to facilitate more advanced movements. 

Resistance: Clutch design integrated with turbine fan resistance offers the lowest and highest resistance of any device on the market (1w – 1 million watts (@ 150 step cycles/min). Nothing even comes close. 

 View Power Tower V1

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