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Sonic Life Pulsation Vibration used with Maxx O2 produces greater results.

Have a Sonic Life Pulsation, Pro or Personal?
Learn how to make your Sonic machine become far more powerful.

What your sonic machine does that you may be totally unaware of!

Your sonic machine does many things, but the most important aspect that you may not even be aware of is cell charging. All your red blood cells (which carry oxygen) will become separated and have the greatest opportunity to attract more oxygen. Oxygen is KING. It's responsible for healing. Reducing Inflammation. Increasing Immunity. You name it. Oxygen and magnetism are the TWO key elements to stay alive (even before water and food). These two (magnetism & oxygen) are literally life and death elements. Without either you die. It makes sense that if we get less oxygen, we begin to experience a host is issues. If we don't get the magnetism earth provides our cells all begin to clump and that reduces flow to the far reaches of our circulatory system. Again, creating a cascade of health issues. 

Using your Sonic machines provides the magnetism to charge the cells which in turn separates them all. Now, here's the "simple trick." 

AFTER a 10 minute Sonic session, your cells are ready for oxygen! Get on an exercise machine and breathe high-flow oxygen for 15 min. What is high flow oxygen? Maxo2. 

Simply put, almost every breath you take for 15 minutes will be approximately 90% pure oxygen. This is 20x more effective than hyperbaric chambers. You will get over 400% more oxygen into your system. 


Anti-inflammatory reaction (reduce discomfort)
Strength (energy production increases within ATP)
Energy (explosive physical and cellular energy)
Superb immune boosting
Improved lung function


Watch the Sonix Whole Body Vibration Video and learn about the most advanced well being machine on the market today.