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Super EWOT™

Super Charge Your EWOT Exercise! Get more oxygen to more cells than any method available. 

Super EWOT, coined by Jason Tebeau, is the process of breathing high concentrations of oxygen while standing on "sonic wave" vibration systems which produces a negative polarity directly into the human body. Using Sonic vibration three times a week while breathing higher concentrations of oxygen increases the body's oxygen uptake and gives the cells the oxygen molecules required to process ATP, which provides you with more energy. Oxygen uptake is greatly enhanced during sonic vibration due to the cell charging that occurs during the magnetic resonating field of negative polarity. Our bodies are bio-electric batteries. Our cell voltage drops according to diet, stress and environmental factors. How do we get the cell voltage back up? Lay on a giant magnet to receive the negative polarity? You'll then need to avoid the positive polarity rotating around from the other side which negates the healing process. There is such a product called the Magnetico Sleep Pad. View here.  Or, step on a Sonic Vibration system (such as the Sonix by Sonic Life) and do deep breathing with oxygen. Another very popular product is the iMRS PEMF therapy device. Below is a photo of a person doing Super EWOT and a picture of blood before and after using a sonic vibration system. The cells become charged and then repel each other, providing greater oxygen uptake, cellular communication and cellular waste removal.

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Watch the Sonix Whole Body Vibration Video and learn about the most advanced well being machine on the market today.