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Maxx O2 Guided Tour Commercial Usage

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Maxx O2 - Basic or Altitude Version? 

If you have a clinic, you need to decide two from two options:

A: Are any of your existing or future clients top athletes?
If yes, you need the Altitude system. No question. If not, you need Basic. More about this below. 

B: Do you want to sell masks to clients or supply them at no charge?
 If you want to sell them, you can order them wholesale from us at 50% off. This is a revenue model. If you don't think they will buy masks from you (approx $295 retail) than you need to order 2 extra Blue medical grade masks (comes in 3 sizes). You can clean them after usage with the included 4 minute ozone system. 

Maxx O2 comes in two models. Basic & Altitude. The Basic system allows your clients to exercise with 93% oxygen only. This is what we suggest for most people in below to average condition. Even if they workout 2-3 times a week, this is considered average condition.

If your clients are highly functioning athlete, the Altitude system is suggested and/or required. Their heart rate will be even lower when breathing 93% o2 (heart will not have to work as hard). The process of using Maxx 02 is to workout at points during the 15 minutes where your heart rate is elevated, however, if your client is highly conditioned, they will need to breathe lower purity to increase the heart rate. Now they can switch from 93% to any purity from sea level to 25,000 feet to increase their heart rate over the suggested 110 BPM so they may switch back to 93% for the actual effect to work.

NOTE: If they cannot get their heart rate over 110BPM while breathing 93% O2, they WILL need Altitude. 

Below is the Altitude System (two bags hanging from the stand) with the included Altitude TEC generator. The other photo is the Basic system which does not include a generator. You can choose to use your own or pick from two options we offer. 1 new 10 Liter Per Minute New Airsep or a 5 LPM refurbished. This is done during checkout. 


The system fill up in approx. 90 minutes for the first time if using a 10 LPM generator. 3 hours if using a 5LPM generator. However, if you leave the o2 generator on during exercise, you'll add another 150 liters of o2 in the bag which decreases fill time. Regardless of what's left in the bag after 15 min, your workout is done. You can leave the o2 in the bag and keep filling it or fill it later. The bag will hold it. If you would like it to fill faster, you can add up to 3 oxygen generators. The extra generator will solely be used to add 93% oxygen to the large bag. You can use ANY oxygen generator of your choice. You can acquire new 10 LPM generators or 5 LPM refurbished from us, or find your own. This can be selected during checkout.

Maxx O2 Masks

We offer one mask in two grades of material. The clear mask is for every day usage for the same person. We suggest this for most applications. You can buy them and sell them to your clients.  However, if you want to use the same mask with multiple users, we suggest our blue silicone (medical grade) mask. It will hold up longer as you clean it with our included ozone machine that will clean either mask in 4 minutes. If multiple users have different size faces, you will need the correct size for each person. You will need to stock 1 of each size mask. 1 is included in our system. 

The clear mask is included with the Maxx O2 Basic and Maxx O2 Altitude packages.  The blue mask is included with the Maxx O2 Basic Medical Grade & Maxx O2 Altitude Medical Grade packages.  This is why we have 4 packages in total. 


Mask Sizes: The mask comes in x-small, small and medium. They run big so do not assume your size. Please measure you face before ordering to pick the mask that best fits your face. 

We include a 4 minute ozone machine (pictured below) to clean either mask you offer your clients. 

Click which system you would like to order: 

A: I want the Altitude System & want to sell masks to clients

B: I want the Altitude System & want to offer the blue medical masks (no charge to clients)

C: I want the Basic System & want to sell masks to clients

D: I want the Basic System & want to offer blue medical masks (no charge to clients)