Maxx O2 Therapy Drawing

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A: Oxygen concentrator. Makes oxygen from room air. No maintenance. Minimum requirement 5LPM (liters per minute). Suggested 10LPM. Add multiple concentrators to increase fill time. Concentrator makes 93% oxygen. Normal air is 21% oxygen.

B: Oxygen is delivered by a ¼” clear tube to main bag (C).

C: 900 liter medical grade TPU, anti-microbial, non VOC (no outgassing) bag that’s air tight. Will hold oxygen between sessions.

D: ¾” oxygen delivery hose from main bag to mask (E).

E: Anatomically correct non-rebreather mask (only dry oxygen is inhaled from bag (C) and CO2 is exhaled into room. You do not breathe into bag. Only from it.

F: Two patented positive pressure ribs apply force to the bag to slowly create a flow to the mask increasing efficiency. Less strain on lungs for de-conditioned people.

H: Pulse-oximeter to wear on finger that displays oxygen levels and heart rate.

I: Telescoping bag stand.

J: Multi-port coupler (allows up to 3 oxygen concentrators to be connected). Optional. Default part allows 1 oxygen concentrator.


How it works summary:
You can easily breathe up to 70 liters per minute during exercise. However, oxygen concentrators do not make more than 10LPM. It cannot even meet the demands at rest sitting on your couch (which is about 12LPM). This means you cannot meet all your demands for oxygen with a concentrator. Not matter what mask you have, when you connect to a oxygen concentrator you would have to breathe about 60% slower than your resting pace. This is why you need to fill a 900 liter bag up first so you can inhale each breath no matter how deep or fast, 93% O2.

Once the 900 liter bag is full, you simply put on the mask and begin exercising for up to 15 minutes. If oxygen is left in the bag after your session, that’s ok. Your bag will fill up faster the next time. We suggest running the oxygen concentrator during exercise to replace some of the utilized oxygen. A 10LPM concentrator will put back 150 Liters of O2 in a 15 min session. You can add up to 3 oxygen concentrators to your system for faster fill times as well as adding up to 450 liters of oxygen back during exercise. This is ideal for clinics or gyms serving multiple clients in succession. To add multiple concentrators, click here to order the optional multi-port connector.