Maxx O2 Altitude Drawings

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Maxx Altitude O2 EWOT System
All items listed and show are included in the Maxx O2 Altitude EWOT System

 Altitude TECH 10LPM oxygen concentrator producing 93% O2 (top output) and fully adjustable purity simulates from sea level to 25,000 feet (bottom output).

B: 93% oxygen delivery hose (clear).

C: 900 liter Maxx O2 oxygen bag (medical grade). 

D: 3/4" diameter oxygen breathing hose (6' long).

E: 3/4" diameter oxygen breathing hose (3' long).

F: Maxx O2 6 way adjustable mask (offered in 3 sizes and two material grades).

G: 14% O2 delivery hose connected from O2 concentrator to altitude bag.

H: Altitude bag (holds 14% O2 purity)

I: 14% O2 breathing hose (10' long)

J: Low/High oxygen switch. Rotate left for 93% then back to up position for 14%. All ports are as large as breathing hoses to eliminate any flow restriction. 1" diameter openings. Largest in the market. 

K: Altitude exhaust muffler and valve. Allows you to enable or disable the altitude function. When turned off, our muffler system minimizes noise. No other altitude system incorporates an on/off option with muffler to maintain a quiet environment. This is key in clinics or in homes where noise is unwanted. 

L: Positive pressure ribs to increase flow to mask. 

N: Pulse Oximeter (displays heart rate and oxygen levels). Attaches to your finger. 

O: Telescoping stand from 5'-10' wide. 

P: Oxygen adaptor. Includes a 1 port adaptor to support 1 O2 concentrator. For 2 or more concentrators, you will need to order the multi-port connector here