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How to increase oxygen in the blood

How to increase oxygen in the blood with nutrition & technology


Increasing oxygen is a complicated task. There are many factors that can help you improve oxygenation which include nutrition, alkalinity, removal of toxicity and the actual altitude that you are currently at. There isn’t one magic bullet that will help you improve your oxygen levels. But the good news is there are a few basic and effective steps you can take. But let’s first understand what it really means to increase your oxygen.


How to get billions of molecules of oxygen in each cell?
First of all, a red blood cell must absorb oxygen molecules - that is its primary mechanism of creating energy. But in order for the oxygen to get to the blood cell there has to be adequate oxygen in the blood plasma (which is the clear liquid that carries the red blood cells). Each red blood cell has approximately 240 million hemoglobin proteins. Each can dock or attach four molecules of oxygen. This means a red blood cell can actually absorb 1 billion molecules of O2.   There could be a problem with hemoglobin such, as iron deficiencies and nutritional imbalances. Assuming these are OK, it is just a matter of making sure that all hemoglobin proteins actually connect with oxygen. Hemoglobin needs to be sticky. One of the supplements that can actually improve that is Thiamin in or what is known as vitamin B1 complex.  


Cell voltage & ph
In addition, cell voltage which is the actual electrical potential of the cellular membrane has to be high (alkaline). The alkaline scale is neutral at 7.0. Anything below 7 is acidic and starts to prohibit oxygen absorption. If you are alkaline, which is any number above 7.0 you have better chance of oxygen absorption. The more alkaline the greater the oxygen absorption. However, too alkaline can actually work against you. It’s very rare that that someone is too alkaline. Alkalinity is more in important than anything and is responsible for the cell’s ability to absorb nutrients and oxygen because they separate from one another and move freely as they should when they are more alkaline. One way to become alkaline is to simply walk around mother earth barefoot and soak up the magnetic field through our feet which actually charges our red blood cells. This is what we are meant to do as humans and it is literally our charger -just like you charge your cell phone. However, this has declined over the thousands of years and we have begun to disconnect by wearing shoes and living on first floor, second floor etc. We have unintentionally disconnected from this charging force and it has declined simultaneously. Causing us all to have a low pH. Low pH is the single result of poor diet lack of the correct magnetic fields and or toxicity. It is the root cause of all disease cancers etc.  The more oxygen we can get into the cell and cause the cells to separate the body begins to restore all conditions no matter what they are.  


How to increase oxygen with technology?
There is a technology known as the Bemer which allows you to lay on a soft body mat for just 8 minutes, twice a day which is equivalent to walking around barefoot for 28 hours. This instantly alkalizes the cell and causes them to separate which allows blood to flow from head to toe as if you were 10 years old again. It is instantly alkalizing. Picture this before using Beamer: your red blood cells look just like a handful of raisins -all sticking together. Throw breadcrumbs at those raisins as if the crumbs were oxygen. Only the raisins on the very outside get a little bit of oxygen but the rest starve and die. Just one eight-minute session on the Bemer and your red blood cells look like shelled hard boiled eggs slithering around in olive oil. Every cell Repels one another and can move freely through the 71,000 miles of veins, arteries and micro vessels to carry oxygen and life sustaining nutrients to your 11 organ systems. Which blood flow would you prefer? The sticky, acidic cells that are clumped together by the millions preventing them all from entering the other 3/4 of the circulatory system? Or the hard-boiled eggs where every cell can move freely and achieve their goal with ease? Watch the video below to watch blood flow before, during and after 1 8 minute BEMER session. 


The king of getting more oxygen to more of you.
This is probably the most significant way to increase your oxygen levels without doing anything.  Bemer also restores vasomotion. Vasomotion is the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the micro vessels that push the blood along the micro vessels thinner than a human hair - which the heart is largely independent of. The heart can pump blood to veins and arteries which represent 24% of the circulatory system. But once blood gets to the micro vessels representing the other 76%, they just sit there and wait to be pushed like a baby in a stroller. This rhythmic contraction and relaxation is supposed to occur 35 to 50 times every 10 minutes in a healthy adult. However, as we age this frequency drops considerably. If you are a type 2 or type 1 diabetic, most likely you have a 75% loss of vasomotion. What does this mean? This means your blood is not getting to most of your organ systems and this is how inflammation and disease sets in. Just about every symptom known to man is poor blood flow and lack of oxygen and nutrients to the 11 organ systems. Yet, drugs are prescribed and they will never fix this. Beamer can restore this function in eight minutes twice a day. It is literally that simple.

 You can learn more about BEMER technology here.  


Using EWOT Maxx O2 to increase oxygen 
Once you have utilized a piece of equipment like this, your cells are now ready for oxygen absorption like a sponge. There is a second technology called a Maxx O2 EWOT. This is also known as exercise with oxygen therapy. Exercising for 15 minutes while breathing 93% oxygen and doing 30 seconds sprints over 120 bpm for 30 seconds will increase your partial pressure and force oxygen not only to the Venus end of capillaries, but through the artery walls into interstitial fluid. This action alone reverses the inflammatory condition of the endothelium which is the lining of the artery walls. When that occurs, your arteries relax and return to their normal diameter thus improving blood flow and increasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is our energy chemical and responsible for healing and giving us the energy necessary for all processes within the biological system.   These two technologies have been proven to increase oxygen beyond anything available.   It is also known as the Superhuman Protocol.   


How to boost Bemer and Maxx O2 results with supplements?
In order to make the Bemer more affective, you simply need to have sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium available in the blood. One of the best supplements for this it’s called the electrolyte balance located here. After doing the Bemer you’re supercharged and ready for Maxx 02. It’s recommend to use vitamin B1 complex to improve the stickiness of hemoglobin to make sure you have maximum oxygen attachment.  


Recommended supplements:
Electrolyte balance
Thiamine/ vitamin  B1 complex
Utilize Bemer for eight minutes
Maxx 02 for 15 minutes.

 Click here to watch blood flow before, during and after one Bemer session.


Click here to review the science behind the 15-minute exercise with oxygen protocol by Dr. van Arden who wrote the 400-page book “oxygen multi step therapy” which reveals the science behind oxygen therapy across 10,000 patients and 200 conditions. This is the very book that begin the industry known as EWOT.