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Fitness Equipment Financing

Low monthly payments. Instant approval.

How to apply for consumer financing (use in home)
1. Go to the product page you want to order.
2. Pick any of the options to be added to that item. Refresh your screen so the TimePayment calculator will update the new monthly rate.*
3. Click the green TimePayment button above the add to cart button.
4. Complete the form and click submit. Approval is instant.

Approval status will be emailed to you. If you are approved, you will be contacted by TimePayment to discuss the terms. If you agree, documents will be emailed to sign. These documents must be opened on a computer. They will appear blank if viewed on iPad or mobile device. Once you sign, we ship within 3-5 business days! We will keep you updated throughout the process.

How to apply for commercial financing (business)
Click this link and you will need to enter the item and price you would like to purchase. 


*monthly rates are based on qualified credit and terms selected.