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EWOT Maxx O2 vs. LiveO2 - Don't buy Live02 before you see this!

Features Maxx O2  LiveO2
Outflow Pressure Patent pending Automatic Positive Pressure System (APPS) None (makes breathing  air more difficult)
Adjustable Flow
Yes. Use 1 or 2 horizontal ribs to adjust flow rate
Construction Radio Frequency welded seams (air-tight) Sewn seams. Leaks air.
Bag Overflow Protection Built-in relief valve None. 
Colors Blue or Black White
Stands Yes (portable and adjustable) No
Yes (optional) Click to view
llows for 3 air inputs
Yes (optional)
2 air inputs
Warranty 2 years 1 year
Price $1295 $1295


EWOT Maxx O2 vs. LiveO2