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Compare Maxx 02

This chart compares the two Maxx 02 systems. Standard and Altitude Training. Altitude training offers the user low and high oxygen inputs for those who are highly conditioned and require low purity to get heart rate above 110 BPM. It is not advised for low to average condition individuals. 

Features Maxx O2 Maxx 02 with Altitude Training
Oxygen Generator Included? No. Use your own or pick from 1 of 3 oxygen generators we provide.  Includes the required 10 LPM retrofitted AirSep generator that outputs 15% and 93% 02. 
900 liter 93% oxygen bag
30 liter 15% altitude bag No Yes
Bag Overflow Protection Built-in relief valve Built-in relief valve
Colors Black Black
Pulse Oximeter
Yes Yes
Mask Type Highest-flow mask on the market Highest-flow mask on the market
Mask Size X - Small, Small, Medium (for superior fit) X - Small, Small, Medium (for superior fit)
Oxygen Hose Strap Yes (two-way rotating Velcro) Yes (two-way rotating Velcro)
Stands Yes (portable and adjustable) Yes (portable and adjustable)
3 way valve system to switch between 15% & 93% purity
No Yes
Warranty 2 years 2 year
Price $1395 $3949