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What is EWOT? - Exercise With Oxygen Therapy


What is EWOT? 
Simply put,  EWOT (pronounced e-watt) Exercise With Oxygen Training is breathing higher levels of oxygen during exercise. You can use an exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical or whatever you're comfortable with.  There are some exercise machines that actually raise the level of oxygen retained in your blood far more than any form of exercise known. This is called Super EWOT. Click here to learn more...

Breathing higher levels of oxygen during exercise increases strength, endurance and stamina. You can go longer with greater power. This means a more effective workout in the same time frame. In addition, the body operates better when your blood is oxygen rich. Top athletes will travel to the lowest elevation to breathe higher purity of oxygen while training. However, this purity is only 2-5% more than the standard 21% you breathe on average. EWOT will increase your purity by at least 40% (or 10x more than  the lowest elevation). 

The different levels of EWOT (each progressing to more effective and more powerful)

A: Classic EWOT - exercising with a standard o2 generator using nasal cannula or adult oxygen mask for 15 min. This was the original 15 minute multi-step protocol by Dr. Manfred von Ardenne.

B: Super EWOT - standing on a vibration system that uses sound-based vibration employing magnets under the plate which increases oxygen uptake by making more cells better suited for o2 uptake. Click here to learn more.

C: Maxx O2 EWOT - exercising with a large oxygen bag and high-flow mask to increase the total oxygen volume over a 15 min period. Click here to view the MaxO2 System. 

D: Super EWOT + Maxx O2 EWOT - standing on Sonic vibrator for 10 min then do Maxo2 for 15 min is to date the most powerful combination available. 


About Oxygen:
What's the first thing ER technicians put on your face after a major injury? An Oxygen mask. Did you suddenly forget how to breath the air everyone else is? Are you unable to get enough oxygen because you're injured (assuming your lungs are ok)? None of the above. Oxygen reduces the stress your body will endure. Stress is an oxygen killer. Lack of oxygen kills cells and slows down brain function and other organs. We are all aging due to enzymatic systems failure which are responsible for the body's uptake and utilization of oxygen. If a cell is deprived of oxygen, it dies. If the cells die, you slowly start to die. If this happens often enough, you begin to age (and fast).

So why do you need to increase the oxygen during exercise? Isn't exercise the way to a long healthy life? Yes and no. Consistent strenuous exercise requires a great deal of oxygen. Your body burns the existing oxygen in your red blood cells, regardless of how much you are breathing in. It's not the quantity of O2, its the purity that is important. You are using far more oxygen than you are taking in. Your oxygen levels (pO2), measured in millimeters of mercury, should be between 85 and 100 depending on your age. Many doctors will advise that your low score "... is normal for your age." It's true that it's normal, but it's only normal because 99% of people don't know that it doesn't have to be low and you can keep it high where it belongs! Walk into any gym... notice how many people look great from the neck down? Why does everyone look older than they should? It's true they're burning calories and building muscle, but many are not aware they may be aging themselves at a greater rate and increasing the opportunity for many illnesses unless they are performing EWOT.

How are we getting more oxygen by increasing the saturation level we breathe normally?
A red blood cell carries no more than 97% oxygen. Many will argue that you cannot force another 3% into the cell. This is true. However, additional oxygen is absorbed by the plasma (which carry the red and white blood cells) and is then pushed into the body's cells & deep tissues without the aid of the red cells. This is called the Law of Mass Action. Very little oxygen actually gets through, but if you are consistently feeding your body the extra oxygen, there will be an extensive increase in your total tissue oxygen level. The goal is to keep the oxygen level of your blood at 100 points for your entire life.

Consult your physician or medical professional before exercising with oxygen.