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Maxx O2 Blue EWOT Medical Grade Mask - Sterilizable & Autoclavable


  • $239.00

Maxx O2 Blue EWOT Mask - Medical Grade for Multiple Users

We call it Blue. It's the perfect solution for clinics or buyers of systems with multiple family members. Note: if you are the only user, our clear mask will work well. This mask is made of medical grade silicone and can be used repeatedly with different users. The mask can withstand general sterilization procedures and autoclaving. Our clear mask that is included with both our Basic and Altitude cannot withstand general sterilization, but can be sanitized. 

It's included with our Maxx O2 Basic Medical Grade & Maxx O2 Altitude Medical Grade packages. 

Medical grade silicone
Will not discolor during cleaning
Will retain its shape long term
(Green valves are detachable and are 1 user use only). Click here to order valves


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