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Altitude Tech Oxygen Concentrator - Altitude Trainer Dual Contrast


  • $2,140.00

This system is only available for Maxx O2 Basic systems. With this unit, your system will be "upgradable" later to the Maxx O2 Altitude system. This is the unit that comes with our Maxx O2 Altitude System. 


Note: we do not accept orders for this unit unless you have an existing Maxx O2 system OR you are buying Maxx O2 and want the ability to upgrade to altitude later. 



  • Altitude from sea-level to 20 000ft+ w Precision High Altitude Valve (infinitely adjustable) Unsurpassed flow rate of 6600 Liters per hour from sea level to 12 500ft OXYGEN FLOW 1-10LPM
  • LOW Sound Level <48dB
  • Power Supply 110v, 60 HZ 5 amps or 220v 50HZ 2.5 amps
  • HIGH OXYGEN PURITY 1-10LPM 90% ±5%
  • Net Weight 49 lbs
  • Dimensions 17inches x 13 inches x 24.5 Inches ( L x W x H)
  • Operations Temperature 68F to 131 F <75% Humidity
  • Can run continuously for 24/7 best conditions are cool dry conditions
  • Built in handle and wheels
  • Built in circuit breaker and flow meter
  • 12 month warranty


Why are we better than the rest?

  • Highest quality Solid brass Precision High Altitude Valve
  • All components are medical grade quality
  • Built with a durable polymer case
  • Ability to produce 10 litres per minute up to 96% oxygen at 20psi if needed
  • Compressor is double insulated
  • Highest grade start and run capacitor
  • Dual internal cooling fans to ensure long life and reliability
  • Sound quality is whisper quiet at less than 48db
  • High quality sound damping foam on the inside
  • Medical grade compressor that can easily be rebuilt with top end kit
  • Bearings and sleeves are easily replaced on compressor ensuring decades of use.
  • Sieve beds are poured with the highest quality lithium material producing unparalleled
  • performance
  • Electronic magnetic shifting valve ensured reliable operation
  • Silicon tubing used throughout with reinforcement
  • Smart electronic control board will alert you to servicing needs with audible alert
  • Built in electronic hours and use timer
  • Precision flow meter with metal needle valve technology
  • Easy back access triple filtration with washable coarse filter, HEPA oxygen filter and HEPA
  • intake filter
  • Shipped with custom molded foam to ensure safe arrival
  • Shipping box is double walled highest grade BC fluted w plastic handles
  • Shipped with retaining straps to protect the compressor
  • Portable with built in triple handles with side cooling vents built in and 4 high quality caster
  • wheels
  • Built in circuit breaker
  • Comes with 2 nose cannulas and humidifier bottle
  • Comes with extra coarse foam filter
  • Only draws 5 amps at 110v very energy efficient
  • Comes in 110v and 220v power supply
  • Lightweight at 49lbs
  • Built to run continuously 24/7

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