Exercise With Oxygen Training

» Increase energy, strength, and oxygen levels during exercise
» Burn up to 30% more calories & burn more fat!
» Train at peak strength levels for accelerated conditioning
» Anti-aging and immune boosting
EWOT Exercise your right to longer life TM
About Us
EWOT.com is a subsidiary of OC Fitness Source, Inc. Jason Tebeau, President, launched EWOT.com in 2009 to provide a Nationwide EWOT locator and information site. Our research on Exercise With Oxygen Therapy continues each day to provide the most up to date information on effective EWOT to all types of users.

Jason Tebeau, President & Founder
During Jason Tebeau's early training as an Architect, he accepted a position as Product Manager for a leading architectural software company. During his years in the CAD industry, he developed four software applications for ArchiCAD, a leader today in the 2D/3D architectural software market, which continue to sell throughout the world. A decade later, he shifted into the DVD industry and became the Director of Support Worldwide for Daikin Labs, which developed the very first DVD authoring software for Hollywood. It was then Jason realized his passion for creating his own products and left to build what became a series of manufacturing companies and dot coms ranging from the juvenile product industry (where he invented a baby product and leveraged his brand to private label a product which landed in 6,300 Walgreens stores) to consumer goods. His latest focus is health & fitness and bio-oxidative therapies. Jason recently developed the protocol and coined the phrase "Super EWOT" which is the process of breathing high concentrations of oxygen during magnetic resonance vibration therapy to super saturate the blood plasma. Jason has been featured on Bill Henderson's radio show (best selling author of Cancer Free) and consults with clients around the world on developing & marketing products, nutrition, whole body vibration and oxygen therapy. Jason lives in Newport Beach, CA.

Dr. Wenborg, Medical Advisor
Dr. Craig Wenborg has a twenty-eight year history of private practice. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists and exclusive importer of Oxyvital products. The Oxyvital product line includes equipment for EWOT, air purification, oxygenated studio and oxygen skin care. Dr. Wenborg has studied extensively on performance enhancement through supplemental oxygen. He was the first to develop the open oxygen delivery device called the Exercise Cannula (aka Oxy Sport Headset).

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